Rajasingam S. JeyendranB.V.Sc., M.S., Ph.D., HCLD

Executive Director

Dr. Jeyendran’s (“Dr. Jay”) extensive education background includes an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine (1972) from the University of Ceylon, Sri Lanka, as well as a Master of Science degree (1976) and Ph.D. (1978) from the University of Minnesota. He is certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (1994) by the American Board of Bioanalysis, and holds a Point-of-Care Specialist Certificate (2014) from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. Dr. Jay has published more than 350 book chapters, reviews, publications and abstracts. He has contributed significantly to numerous studies in male infertility, and has secured patents for several of his novel sperm analysis assays and technologies. Several of his original contributions to the field of male infertility have been accepted by peers as significant.

Charlie ChenPh.D.

Director of Molecular Laboratory

Dr. Chen is a graduate of Monash University in Australia. He has published 22 book chapters and publications, and has contributed significantly to studies in molecular biology, cellular biology, in vitro bioassays and protein analysis. He is an expert on the assessment of biomarkers using clinical molecular diagnostic tests and flow cytometry. He heads the molecular diagnostic laboratory and is in charge of day-to-day operations.

Larry FishelPhD, HCLD

Director of Scientific Research

Dr. Fishel holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of California, and also holds a High Complexity Laboratory Director Certificate from the American Board of Bioanalysis.  He is an expert in clinical molecular diagnostic testing, assay development, molecular biology, proteomics, teaching and communication. He has contributed to 18 publications and was instrumental in marketing the DNA ID Check test, a peace-of-mind confirmation of parenthood, through Walgreens in the early 2000s.

Christine ClaessenDip.OM


Christine holds a Diploma in Office Management, obtained in Sri Lanka, and has been involved with the SpermGenderCheck project since its inception. She has been active in establishing the business through which this groundbreaking test is being made available to the public, and is responsible for client relations.