What is Sperm Gender Check ?

Did you know a baby is a boy or a girl depending on the father’s sperm?

That’s because each sperm is either male or female.

  • Male sperm fertilizing an egg will result in a boy.
  • Female sperm fertilizing an egg will result in a girl.

And did you know that new research reveals that the ratio of male to female sperm varies from man to man ?

Did you know as many as a quarter of all men have at least 10% difference in the ratio of their male to female sperm?

So if you want to know the chance of having a boy or a girl you need to know how much male or female sperm a man has.

You can do exactly that with Sperm Gender Check.

Mail a sample to AndroLab, and in only 10 days find out the ratio of male to female sperm.

Learn How it Works

Male and female sperm are different in several ways, including sperm size, shape, movement, and weight. Our lab has developed a test where we can measure these factors to determine the overall ratio of male to female sperm in your sample.

Understand the Results

After we receive your sample, we’ll send you the measured ratio of male to female sperm. For example, male 64% to female 36%. We’ll also be available to answer your questions regarding these results, and make recommendations on next steps based on your goals.

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Our Work Process


Book Online

Simply complete the order form and make a payment.


Obtain sperm kit

Once we receive your order the SpermGenderCheck kit will be mailed to you.


Send us your sample

Collect your sample per the instructions provided in the SpermGenderCheck kit and mail it to us in the prepaid envelope.


Obtain your results

The results of your SpermGenderCheck will be emailed to you.

Our Success Stories

Melissa Nicolosi

My husband and I had hoped we could have a balanced family, with two boys and two girls. We had no problem getting pregnant, but after the first two babies were boys, we were hoping number three would be a girl. We were ecstatic when I got pregnant again with number three, but later discovered we were having another boy. We now had three boys. After the birth of the third boy, we tried again, and were blessed with another pregnancy. We kept our fingers crossed, and when the time came, discovered we were blessed with another boy. We now had four great young boys in the house. We decided to give it one more try and were soon pregnant again.

We now have five wonderful boys, and no girls.

Out of curiosity, my husband sent his semen sample in to Sperm Gender Check to have it analyzed. The result – his sperm were 40% more likely to have Y sperm than X sperm.

We’re not having any more children but wish we had tested my husband’s semen sample and buccal swab before we began.

Aruna Dutt

Girls, Girls, Girls! That’s our family! I have four sisters, my mother had four sisters, my father had one sister and one brother, and my husband and I now have three girls.

We wanted at least one boy, but still don’t have any. I learned I was pregnant again four months ago, and today I learned we are having another girl. So, it’s now Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls!!!!

Wish we had known about SpermGenderCheck before we started trying to have a family!

My husband just sent his semen to SpermGenderCheck, along with a swab taken from his cheeks and mouth, and the results were a 32% greater probability of X sperm than Y sperm.

The service was great! The lab coordinator was very patient in answering our questions, collecting the sample was easy, and the results came back fast. We love our girls, and now have a better idea why it’s been so hard for us to have boys! This is a great program, and we really recommend it!